Martha, my cat

This movie is in memorial to my cat Martha for whom our Facebook page was begun. Martha (Rest In Peace) passed away from cancer in March and the page was begun in 2016 to keep volunteers of Allerton Cat Rescue in touch with her progress. Eight cats remain in the collective and act as one family though all came to me separately. These cats will now be cared for to the best of my ability and no further additions will be made to the group.

A number of the cats in the collective, including Martha who features in this movie, were formerly stray cats. Please help local rescues by getting your kittens/cats neutered to avoid them making kittens of their own, to safeguard their health and discourage them from roaming and putting themselves at risk. Please also microchip your kitten/cat so that if they should become lost, they can easily be traced back to you.


Submitted by
DaisyMoggyMates, Great Horton