Piece from a crystal radio set

As a young lad, I had my bedroom in an attic area. This was also a storage place containing chests, drawer units etc.

Exploring one day, I came upon a strange object and asked my Father what it was. He explained that it was an early type of Radio called a  ‘Crystalset’.  It needed an aerial to work and he wired it up to my bedspring!

After some fiddling he placed earphones onto my head. I’ll never forget that first sound coming through… MAGIC!!

I was enthralled and revered this amazing object, listening to various things, over time.

Time moved on and as a young man, National Service beckoned and everything was packed away.  On return,after two very interesting years, all items were  unpacked,only to discover one item was missing!!

No explanation ever solved this mystery: The omly evidence remaining was this artefact that had been part of it.

This has rankled me since that time, and to this day remains emotive. Handling this object always brings brings back precious memories. THEY of course will never disappear…..


Submitted by
Ralph Darnbrough

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